Looking for Volunteer actors to participate in the international exchange workshop

In Gangnam Cultural Foundation resident group MASIL recruits volunteer actors to participate in the international exchange workshops. MASIL ( www.masil.biz ) has been specializing in the creation infants pole.
This workshop is part of the first year of the project of creating a professional theater infant infants pole Our collaboration with the team and Australia.
The show is three years to one year long project is South Korea, Australia is the second year, third year is scheduled to take place in South Korea and Australia, respectively.

Infants are interested in pole If you are interested in international exchanges Anyone can participate.
Infant pole workshop is to wake up already will give a sense of an adult blurred in our seventh will do this, we experience a new expression and communication beyond the language of the body through.

Workshop: August 8 to 20 (full period of participation required)

Target: Actor (traditional instruments – learn to skillfully playing a stringed instrument or wind instruments), the actors want to meet with infants

Deadline: Until June 30

How to apply: email receipt (happy@masil.biz) – CV (free form), cover letter (including a free-form, photos)

“I imagine a reality!” Opens in Daehakro!

□ 2016 years, the nation’s top children, just one chance to get the youth drama!

□ “imagination into reality!” – winter vacation, amazing theatrical experience that stimulates the senses of children

□ jeontonggeuk, participatory theater, music theater, puppet shows, etc. The whole family enjoys the performing arts festival!

□ excellent domestic ahdonggeuk 11 pieces invited Daehakro performances in 10 days

■ About festival

□ Time: 2016.1.7 Thursday – 2016.1.16 (to)

□ Place: Daehakro Arts Theater, Theater Arts won two tubes, Dongsoong Dongsoong Art Center Theater, Marronnier Park multi-purpose hall

□ Contact: 02-745-5862 ~ 3 / http://assitejkorea.org

■ Ticketing Information

Interpark: http://goo.gl/adfhba

Auction: http://goo.gl/dFxzdX

YES24: http://goo.gl/Snffp3

□ see more festival performances go -> http://assitejkorea.org/festival/festival.php

Baby Drama, “Parong, Parong”

Baby Drama prepared by Masil Theater
parong, parong, parong ah ~

12/10/2013 – until 12.12 is performing in Gwangjin Naru Art Center exhibition hall.

  • First show outing together with our baby!
  • Time seemed to feed on organic lifting wet organic culture!
  • Experience plays polar nation’s top artists mom made