[Video #5] Exciting artistic journey 2019 with MASIL

Exciting artistic journey 2019 with MASIL 🙂

“Ride up daldal month – Find the Gokseong! 

That’s already July 🙂

Haeteotneunde visit Gokseong rice-transplanting is in full swing when
I think two hours running so quickly, yeah, the summer 🙂
fact that much ^^ getting tight, even among those who Gokseong residents and we would not have my own mistake? 🙂

Today we find the hidden Shim Chung is a naseopnida Gokseong 🙂

[Video # 1] Exciting artistic journey 2019 with MASIL ‘Run Run Run – Fining Gokseong’

June were with ‘pansori version of Choi, Yong – Seok’ ohdineori songjeu ‘ 🎤well finished performing, and

Coming July! ☀️☀️🏖

Gajokgeuk of drink-Ride depends months daldal (theatrical)

Friday July 05,
three basic 09:00
jukgok seconds 14:15

July 6 Saturday
Gokseong Kindergarten 9:00
seokgok comprehensive Corolla 14:30

I’m back and ready to run with you!

Unlike silbun through the sweltering summer heat with a drink

If so, please do not hesitate to come 🙂 ☎️☎️☎️

I thank you for participation and interest 🙂 🐵🙈