Prevention of School Violence, “Whisper of the Heart”

One audience acclaimed performances!

“Whisper of the Heart” is selected as the best performances while touring the 40 middle school to school violence prevention education plays businesses Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education in 2012 by students, parents and teachers were performing as a representative in the results presentation, Korea Educational Development Institute School are invited to violence counselor training, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology school violence issues investigator workshop  received praise from the audience that plays a very effective training for school violence prevention.


Beyond the personal viewpoint of performances fixed in our view!

The process of being a protagonist in the drama going loose in the school violence problem placing the center of the bystanders that corresponds to the majority mingyeong This is not how to solve as a result reported baraman the bullying process Friend audience present to help actively the right direction It is experienced in performing in. Out of this, “the point of view of individuals’ school violence from the perspective that you can find the address reported look at” our point of view, and is the starting point to solve the problem of school violence prevention.


In an open format that audience participation is subjective performances!

Audience empathy for school violence, and it will be promoted in a variety of techniques to communicate forum theater. As a form of Forum Theater (Forum Theatre) is Civic Theater began in ahwooguseuteu boal, but that the audience can see and run their own opinion through independent action. The performances together after the end of 60 minutes play actors and participants go make a follow-up activity. Audiences are going to solve the troubles of the hero is the subject. Sharing a conversation with the person in the audience pole again also in the process, and the audience is the character in the drama sometimes find a solution. The most important thing is to be emphasized that the audience watching the show should be the subject of a resolution and suggested that haegyeoljeom from teachers, students, parents and the general public stance. Through the show focuses on the sympathetic attention and problem solving needs related to school violence through concrete Alternatives longer than the problems of others, and to recognize the improvements to our problems.


Kang Min-kyung, did not even hit the affected students once again did not let go even a bath the cases cited by the perpetrators with maximum audience. Why did the victim pointed to a mingyeong the perpetrators? And it does mingyeong two went to school to do any action in the future? Most students avoided chinhaetdeon mingyeong This does not take any action as can only watch while the damage to the student being bullied. The majority of students in our classrooms is the position of the bystander. By looking at the example of mingyeong the audience becomes deeply troubled whether to behave in a violent situation that occurs naturally in school together and are resolved to find a way.


Performance period  : June 1, 2013 – the date is December 31, 2013, the school wants

Venue  : auditorium, cafeteria, multipurpose room, etc.

Performance targets  : students, teachers, and parents (a total of around 300 people)

Running Time : performing  60 minutes, discussion 60 minutes

Show photos

Preview performances 60 minutes

귀를 기울이면Performing Scene 1 Performing Scene 2

After the performance discussion 60 minutes

공연 후 모둠토론 공연 후 전체 토론-관객 즉흥

About performances broadcast video

Performance History

-2012 years if sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education school violence prevention education plays such taereung of, day of, jongamjung, of Seocho, Yangcheon of, gwanakjung  40 Junior Tour ( 1H12 student and teacher surveys Best rated)

– Korea Educational Development Institute School Violence Counselor training  invitation performances (Korea Educational Development Institute organized, for 400 people and teachers)

– Ministry of Education, Science and Technology school violence issues investigator workshop  invited concert (organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Department of Education supports Incheon, 800 people Teachers)


About Masil Theater

Masil is  Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture under Seongbuk Creative Center tenant organizations to give through art as the rest of life, to breathe through a life lived for art, away from the theater activities of performers central organization that struggled want to make the show the audience that the subject is from 0.2006 years <Ride depends months daldal 1> <Ride depends months daldal 2, “” dreaming turtle>, the participation of multiculturalism as a pole material <Beta Aquarii, “” Oh parong parong parong>, school violence to participate pole <Whisper of the Heart> Nancy has released such a creative and actively meet with the audience. In addition to arts and cultural education programs to the business of the elementary and high school students, the target has been actively conducted. Haewatgo exhibition linked training programs in yeoseongsa Hall of the Ministry of Gender Equality under steadily since 2006, Guro Cultural Foundation, and since 2007 has steadily proceeded to the theater making of migrant women and the process of the center so far, a small library arts education project <Library Let’s drink to the>, local arts and cultural education project <Look for our town, our family, “” Seongbuk> dream attic program with the National theater <babbling body, breathing heart> such practices the art sharing in arts education have.

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