Dreaming Turtle

꿈꾸는 거북이

Last week was returning home through the storm in order to show that South Korea after the Japanese show, starting today.

Dreams do not give the “Turtle Dreaming”, Shijo packed with ~

Naru Art Center Dreaming Turtle, (8.9 to 19)

 Show (exhibition) Venue: Naru Art Center small venues
 performances (exhibition) one: 2012-08-09 – 2012-08-19
 show (exhibition) Hours: Weekdays 11 14:00 / 14:00 weekends, 16:00
 Starring: Extreme drinking
 le theater drinks
 Contact: 02-2049-4700 ~ 1
 website:  www.naruart.or.kr  /  masil.biz
  Admission: All seat 20,000 won Flyer see bottom

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